Tune-in Wednesday night to catch the special "Divorce Court" themed "Dinner Impossible" episode on the Food Network

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TV’s Divorce Court is celebrating their 2000th episode and they’re bringing in Chef Robert to divorce some tired food marriages and rematch them into exciting new pairs. Judge Lynn Toler has dissolved the partnership of 10 classic food combinations such as fish and chips, cookies and milk, and liver and onions. From those 20 newly […]

The Weekend

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E and I actually went out alone, together this weekend. We don’t do that often. I gotta tell you that Al and Tipper Gore business scared me. I had to be prompted though. Vivian to the rescue again. She told me Tommy Davidson was going to be in town and E and I both like […]

And I Wore It Out

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You know your girl was unhappy about her tennis right?  Well there’s nothing like a little failure to spur me forward.  Went out there like a champ today.  I didn’t even get tired.  ROLLIN!!!!!!!!! Can you believe Al Gore is getting divorced?  I am not going to belabor it but I think it gives us […]

First Full Day

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First full day of summer routine – baseball –  weight training – jujitsu – guitar – reading and summer math.  Trying to get the schedule together.  Trying to get the boys’ heads around the fact that they will not simply be chillin’ this summer.  I hate that. My surprise has gone into full stall.   […]


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As you can see I was in an odd place yesterday.  I have stepped out of the shadows this morning.  I am not yet in the sunshine.  Things are still a bit overcast but I can push on from here of my own accord. You know, I always find this blog thing  interesting.  Sometimes I […]