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Sometimes everything you believe in falls into the shadow of everyday life. Some days you can barely touch what you once embraced. Somehow you come to that same fork in the road you’ve traveled a million times and you can’t remember which way to go. On occasion all of the tried and true just doesn’t […]


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I had fun at Vivian’s party.  I also schooled some of the fellows at Texas Hold’em  I couldn’t figure out the stuff about the small and large blinds but I had been watching it on TV.  These are the prizes I won when I handed in all of my chip winnings! By the way that’s […]

Random Stuff

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I had a good day yesterday.  I went and ordered an Ipad.  That is all Vivian’s fault.  I found her logic compelling.  Bought one with all of the bells and whistles and accessories too.  And I am happy about it. I am anticipating Duchess’ arrival.  She will be here next week. I must clean. I […]

I Do Believe

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we have seen the worst of the stomach flu this go round. It was an unseemly affair.  God bless my husband though, even though he was sick and slept all day he had no other side effects.  Queazy was as far as he went.  Gotta love a guy with that kind of constitution! I played […]

In the Weeds

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Dealing with a bout of the tummy flu here.  First 17, then me, now 14. E said he felt queazy but then said it went away.  The man is a tank. I on the other hand was sprawled on the floor. Long night last night with 14 so short blog today. @Ruthie ——   Idaho […]