Housekeeping and Homework

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First the Housekeeping As you know this blog thing is a work in progress. I am trying to keep my blog topics e  Ask JudgeLynn advice thing separate. So ….. 1. Several of you gave me some good suggestions. I am implementing some of them.  The first is that I’ve added a separate Ask Judge Lynn section to […]

Thinking Your Way Through How You Feel

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Cockpit Cool Most of us see how we feel as something that just happens. Happy, sad, frightened, angry, it all comes naturally. It’s not something we cultivate; it is something that simply is. I contend, however, that emotions are raw material that can be molded, refined and directed. We can feel one thing, decide it’s […]

Weirdness at the Grocery Store

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So here’s what happened: I was going to the grocery store (for the thousandth time this week – I never get it right – which is a post for another day.) Anyway I had on a baseball hat and sunglasses. A guy stops when I get out of the car and looks at me. He […]

Jumped in the Deep end

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It appears I’ve done it again.  I had an idea … got all excited … jumped in the deep end  … and now I’m having trouble swimming back to shore. I received a lot of wonderful questions when I did Ask Judge Lynn.  I answered many and I’m still getting more. I only intended to answer […]

When You Don’t Love You

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Hello all, When I did Ask Judge Lynn one of you asked me a question about women and self esteem – or more accurately the lack of it.  I thought it was a good idea and told her I would do a post on it. As the day went on and I received more comments from other women  – and […]