Wants More Respect from wife

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Question:   I watch your show everyday as I am on SSID and lost my job due to budget cuts in 2013. First, I have to say that couples don’t know what marriage means when they want to divorce after three weeks. I will be married 34 years later this year, but due to my […]

Self Esteem III: Expanding Your Self Esteem Sources

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  Often when people find themselves caught in a relationship where they do not feel valued they get stuck on getting this one significant source to change his/her attitude toward them. It is natural. Your marriage or your relationship with your significant other is the most intimate and constant one you have. It is hard […]

Self Esteem II: Whittled Away Women

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Since I’ve started this Ask Judge Lynn thing I have gotten a lot of questions from women who, though their circumstances may be different, are feeling the same way. It’s something I often saw on Divorce Court and I call it The Whittled Away Woman. Because I received so many posts about this and have […]


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I received a question on Ask Judge Lynn that I thought would be good to share with everyone. Someone had a question about one of my tweets my tweet which was #Forgiveness is a peaceful thing. It neither excuses nor rationalizes. It just frees you from the emotional baggage of other’s wrongs.  She asked me […]

When The Spouse Who Makes the Gold Makes Dinner Too

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Cretia Springs asked me for my opinion on what happens when a woman is the primary breadwinner in the home. As one might imagine difficulties can arise. In order to address them we have to make sure we know what kind of problems such arrangements inspire and why. 1. “Traditional Male – Female roles in […]