She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

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Hello all, I was doing a video for Divorce Court about recognizing your own faults and weaknesses so you can work on  them before they work on you. As I always say: Name it and Claim it so you can Tame it. In the second half of the video I was going to give everyone an example […]

Getting Heard

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I get a lot of complaints from people who tell me that their Significant Other (SO) doesn’t listen so I thought I ‘d do a brief post on Getting Heard.  The thing you have to remember is:  A conversation almost never goes better than how it starts out.  Which simply means if you want to […]

Ten Things I Learned in 26 Years of Marriage

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10 Things I learned in 26 Years of Marriage     I had more June Cleaver Claire Huxtable genes than I thought. Nothing like love to make you feel oddly domestic in ways you swore you’d never do. I don’t know where they got this from but I did not find that 2 can live […]

On Anger

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On Anger I used to get angry a lot.  I used to tangle with that monster at least once a day. As I grew older and saw the negative ramifications of my anger I decided to do something about it. In order to do that I had to understand what anger was and why it […]


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TODAY What are you going to do with THIS GIfT? As of last week I decided that I was going to ask myself that question everyday. Today is a singularity. It is something you can’t get back once it’s gone. Another day will come but not this one. Today expires in less than 24 hours from […]