Got It Going On

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I feel great this morning.  Just do.  Good thing too because I am taping today.  As usual most of the things I was worried about came to naught.  Other stuff still hanging out there but . . . Anyway, as usual on tape days can’t stay long.  Just wanted to shout.  Thanks to my OCMs […]

All the Way Left of Center

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First of all I want to say congratulations to my blog scholars and a very hearty happy you are back to Ravis.  So glad the surgery went well. Always have to talk about the important stuff first. Now to my own personal nonsense and I do mean nonsense because it makes no sense to me: […]

Still Running Around

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I am still running around. Trying to stay in touch . . . This time around I will be home less then 24 hours before I travel again.  Trying to stay centered.  Working the PIP.  But these days the PIP seems working me more than I am working it. I owe myself at least fifty more […]

Surprised Duchess

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I went home and surprised Duchess. She did not know I was coming.  Sis came home too.  We had a ball.  They made me go shopping though.  First thing.  These two can work a rack.  I sat down.  They made fun of me.  That’s when I knew I was at home.  Nobody can rag on […]

No Right Answer

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As is often the case I get people asking me advice on whether to leave their mate.  And you know how it goes.  I can never tell people what to do but I can give them the questions to ask. But at the end of the day I think what most people want are  absolutes […]