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is coming and I always feel unprepared.  I hate it when the kids just ‘hang out”  I always try to have something planned. So the other day I talked to 14 about signing up for a few things. He asked me not to because – are you ready? – “He needed to chill.” I told […]

Late Blog Good Day

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I saw two videos the other day. The first video was of a party for what looked like a five or six year olds. They were having a Wu Tang dance contest. (Yolanda hipped me to it).  For the fellow uninitiated  (I had never heard of Wu Tang before though I was familiar with the […]

PIP Progress Report

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I am fairing well on my PIP for the time being.I have stayed fairly well centered and have been really watching the worry thing.  I have hit the treadmill twice, out running a couple of worry attacks.  One caught me but  I got out ahead of the second one and kept going. By the way, […]

Keeping the Peace

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I have been a good girl of late.  For the most part I have stuck to my “ride the ride well ” pledge.  Centering myself in the morning.  Not asking God for a certain outcome but for peace in whatever is – that is –  that day. Did something that normally would have made me […]


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Couldn’t sleep last night.  Hate that.  I sepnd all day trying to energize myself.  And of course I use all the wrong stuff: coffee and Krispy Kreme.  But I tell you I really did try the full breakfast in the morning thing before I taped and I was half asleep before the second show.  Short […]